Okay, this post is for all of you last minute decision makers in RVA.

There are many great reasons to go to Fall Line Fest this weekend. The awesome bands, art galleries, and restaurants are a few to name. But the over-arching, number one reason you should attend Fall Line Fest? It’s because they love you. And they are doing this just for you and RVA. 

I have the good fortune of knowing a bunch of the folks involved in planning this festival. Most of them are artsy music-philes and foodies. And they may not articulate it this way, but I know they wanted to create an experience worthy of our great city. Richmond is a great town — full of wonderful, hardworking creators. Fall Line Fest gives you the opportunity to enjoy the many different things being created here.

It’s a heartfelt labor of love just for you, Richmond.

Day-of tickets are available at Registration (SW corner of W. Broad St. & N. Belvidere St.) and venues.