nobs-march-13--233I first met members of No BS! Brass Band in their various other projects such as Fight the Big Bull and Glows in the Dark. But I first encountered the band as a whole multiple times in the span of a week sometime in 2008. They played a show at the Camel and a night or two later, performed as the ringleaders for the Halloween parade through Oregon Hill. The first thing I noticed about them was that they had such a commanding presence and managed to get everyone into the music they were playing. Just hearing the opening notes of their cover of “Thriller” got everyone excited. I could tell right away No BS! was a force to be reckoned with. But I don’t think anyone knew what a impact they would have not just on the growing music scene here in Richmond but also as an entry point to people outside the music community to experience more. And in the 5+ years, I’ve known them, they continue to make every time they play like it’s the end of the world and they have to go out with a bang.

No BS! Brass Band will play the RVA Playlist 5th Anniversary along with Jonathan Vassar and the Badlands and Goldrush at the Broadberry on June 4th at 7 p.m. Pre-show entertainment includes music from Big Mama Shakes, raffle prizes from area businesses and more. Those who attend the event will receive a special RVA Playlist Anniversary CD featuring exclusive tracks from Richmond bands (supplies are limited). Buy tickets here: