I don’t remember exactly when I was introduced to Prabir Mehta, the lead singer of Goldrush. It was probably during his Substitutes days having shots of tequila and watching him go crazy on the guitar. I always remember him being frantic on stage and the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. I do remember distinctly meeting the other members of the group when I interviewed them as they made their debut. The freshly-formed “Prabir/Goldrush” were eager to show off what they were working on. The music promised to be different since the styles ranged from Beatles rock and roll of the Beatles to the classic symphonies of Mozart and Bach. In five years, I’ve seen the band more times than I can remember and every time it’s been a fun ride. I’ve shared tequila shots with band members and listen to their opinions on life. Through their songs, I’ve learned about broken relationships and scientific facts (seriously, I know six more digits of Pi because of them), and I’ve watched every band member go crazy on stage. I’ve loved watching this band grow and achieve various successes and can’t wait for whatever comes next for them – because it will be awesome.

Goldrush will play the RVA Playlist 5th Anniversary along with Jonathan Vassar and the Badlands and No BS! Brass Band at the Broadberry on June 4th at 7 p.m. Pre-show entertainment includes music from Big Mama Shakes, raffle prizes from area businesses and more. Those who attend the event will receive a special RVA Playlist Anniversary CD featuring exclusive tracks from Richmond bands (supplies are limited). Buy tickets here: